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Looking for good dentistHi guys. I am looking for good dentist. Send please only your personal experiences or better your own doctor to whom you are going always with your toProblem is that florida is beautiHello fellow Floridians. After 30 years in LA its time to move east. The problem is that Florida is beautiful and everyone praises its crowded places- Pooja morWhere is bitcoin atm machines in Where is bitcoin ATM machinces in istanbul? Best bitcoin faucets 2020 that pa1. Moonbit. co. in The project is good because you can make money all the time - there is no limit or timer. There is a referral program - 25% of the Does anyone who would like to do Hi Guys, does anyone who would like to do exchange language between in english and Turkish. lm a native Turkish speaker and l learning English by myse Is it possible to freeze chicken Frozen chicken eggs are a specific product, such a preparation is rarely done. They have their own advantages - after processing at low temperatures, Looking video downloaderHi I am looking for YouTube and Facebook video Downloader script can any body provide me in cheap rates thanksSkiing in kartepeMy girlfriend and me would like to do a days skiing at the end of the month in Kartepe. I am looking for an all inclusive package. For example all equTopic: residence permitTopic: Residence Permit Hello. So, I applied and sent in all of my documents for my residence permit back in early September and I have recently been cheapest domain provider Which is best & cheapest domain provider for domain investing?Anyone ever lost a passport in tuHello, pees! Has anyone ever lost a passport in Turkey? I left my passport in a taxi coming back from the airport, But it was not a taxi company, but Pool opening Hi there is any pool open in istanbul, private one ? #istunbulMalaysian driving license to turkgood evening to everyone and all friends in Turkey. can anyone help for replacement the Malaysian driving license to Turkish driving license? please a what is the approximate price tohello what is the approximate price to change an iphone screen (iphone 8) here in istanbul i dont speak turkish and i dont want them to overcharge me!Vaccinations in hurghada yellow fCan I, as a tourist, get a Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A & B, Typhoid, Malaria, and possibly some other vaccinations done in Hurghada before I travel Are you holding a lot of domainsreceive mostly low offers and those renewal fees are adding up? Lets say you have 100 of them even with bulk discounts youre still paying almost $1000Istanbul how to find a girlfrienTo be honest, one of the difficult things in Istanbul is to find a Girlfriend. Turkish girls are so serious, and I cant even approach them. Is there a Bitcoin faucets that pay. part-34. Bonusbitcoin. co You can earn from 70 to 5000 satoshi per hour. Payouts on CoinPot are available every 15 minutes. There is no minimum payout amounI have overstay Hi, I would like to get some advice. I have overstayed during summer in Istanbul, which is why my residence permit got rejected. So I moved back to my Can anyone help me with my probleCan anyone help me with my problem? In the left side picture the website works normally when i run it locally from files But in the Right side picture Bitcoin faucets that pay. part-1 Crypto faucets are sites where you can earn fixed amounts for completing certain tasks. Most often, the user is credited with satoshi - shares of bitcOverstay Hi, I would like to get some advice. I have overstayed during summer in Istanbul, which is why my residence permit got rejected. So I moved back to myHow safe is living in avcilar-kucHello all! I was wondering if someone could advice how safe is living in Avcilar-Kucukcekmece- Buyukcekmece as a whole or which mahalle would be the sProperty ads on sahibinden are faIt seems that most of the property ads on Sahibinden are fake, incorrect, with misleading prices or pictures. Either sold when you enquire or the locaResidence permitResidence Permit Hello. So, I applied and sent in all of my documents for my residence permit back in early September and I have recently been notifie Can raw chicken eggs be frozen? I want to talk about freezing chicken eggs for future use, because it is not uncommon for poultry farmers to form excess chicken eggs. And such surpluCheapest universityGood Afternoon Istanbulians, I am looking for a University with low fee in Istanbul for my brother, he is interested in MS in Engineering (Industrial I got this email Attention: E-mail beneficiary. We happily announce to you the result of the electronic email address ballot system of State Mobile Global lotto draw hI want to buy a domain zestfultraI want to buy a domain Zestfultraveling. com with 785 backlinks and DA-22 and PA-17 whose appraisal value is $579 Please suggest to me it will be a goVolume bluetooth on iphone13Question, how do I adjust my Bluetooth volume? I notice when my phone connects to my cars gps, her voice comes out quiet even with my phone and cars v How to get cryptocurrency for freBlockchain projects run various marketing campaigns. One of the most common ways to attract new users is by giving away your tokens for free. Such proThinking about moving to turkeyI live in the Netherlands. I work in construction. We are Anyone here working in construction in Turkey ans can tell me something about salary, workinAverage your living costHow much is your total cost of living for a whole month? Including utilities all that. (please quote good lifestyle average lifestyle Just want to be Blocking mobile phone hello guys, i used my unregistered cell phone with local sim card in İstanbul for 90 days, I would like to ask next my visit Türkiye (Im tourist) myUrine therapy facecareUrine therapy can be a salvation from many health problems! (details about my experience) Hello everyone! I rarely write... but I couldnt help but wriHelp me with getting my residencyHello everyone, who can help me with getting my residency? I am new in here and I need to apply as soon as possibleWhere study medicine in istanbul.Hello dear friends! My nephew wants to study medicine in Istanbul. Where can I get information about the whole procedure please. Thanks a lotI have addictionHi guys, I have a BIG problem I hope you help with this. I am the biggest addict to thinking (arent well all!) However it extends to hearing the wordsFoot care (urine compresses)So: socks are taken, stretched over the legs, soaked in urine (urine is collected in advance in some container). From above we put on a plastic bag of How to get bitcoin for free:5 essGetting your free bitcoins into your possession is not that difficult, and now we will look at the main ways on how to do this. However, it is unlikel Earnings on publishing and readin#FreeBitcoins #Bitcoin The Steemit platform is positioned as the largest social network on the blockchain or blockchain blog. The site has its own digDo you guys know anyone who can gDo you guys know anyone who can give me a certification for mask wearing excemption. I get headache while wearing one at least outside i dont wanna weExploring miamiHello all! I am exploring the option of moving to Miami (from San Diego, CA) the last week of June/ first week of July, 2021. Looking to find 1-2 roomRecommend the place Dear friends! Two families and two children of 14 years old (6 people in total) want to visit Florida for two weeks in July or August, not exactly decBaşakşehir something happening Hello guys My question today is weird a bit 😅 I live in başakşehir and there is something weird keep happening One of my neighbors keep complainiPrice to change an iphone screenhello what is the approximate price to change an iphone screen (iphone 8) here in istanbul i dont speak turkish and i dont want them to overcharge me!Learning htmlHey all, 24yo here currently learning HTML/CSS as I am trying to change my career path. Anyone here currently learning as well? Please get in touch, mPcr new airport isranbul..#pcr #turkey #istunbul hello guys please i wanted ask if someone has experience to get PCR test at New Airport Isranbul.... how much its cost and how How to make bitcoin in 2020 withoBitcoin faucets One of the easiest ways to earn BTC is by using Bitcoin faucets. I wonder what it is? Bitcoin faucets are a reward system created in t Sim card stop working vodafoneBought a tourist sim card (vodafone) from a shop, for a month 130 tl with no contract. 5 days later it totally stopped working. can’t go to that sho i wanted to know that i am an atHi sunny. I wanted to know that i am an atheist. Are your teachings feasible with atheism? Or one needs to have belief in supernatural to follow your